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19th International Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas

4-8 April 2016, Paris


ABSTRACTS > Abstract format


The deadline for the submission is 20 November 2015.

Based on the abstracts, a number of contributed papers will be selected for oral presentation.

The format for abstract submission is PDF and your file should look like the template.

The PDF file should be generated using the word or tex abstract template.

The abstract must be in one column on a single A4 page, including references. The page must have margins of 2 cm on all sides. All text must remain within these margins. The font is Times 12-point, except for the title which should be in Times 14-point bold capital lettering. The lines should be single-spaced and justified. Please keep in mind that abstracts will appear in black-and-white in the printed version of the conference programme.

The abstract must begin with the title followed by the names of the authors and the addresses of their institutions. The title, authors and addresses should be centred on the page. The name of the author responsible for submitting the abstract (corresponding author) should be underlined. References in the text must be numbered and enclosed in square brackets [1]. The list of references should be at the end of the abstract. There should be no page number. 

Each abstract should be submitted in one of the following categories:

   LTP - Low Temperature Plasmas

   HED - High Energy Density Plasmas

   ADP - Atomic Data and Processes

   AAP - Astrophysical/Atmospheric Plasmas

   MAG - Magnetized Plasmas

   XRS - X-ray sources

   WDM - Warm Dense Matter

   OTH - Other

The abstract file name should consist of the 3-letter abstract category code and the last name of the corresponding author, followed by a number (if there is more than one abstract) and separated by underscores like in the example below:

  • HED_Surname_1.pdf, HED_Surname_2.pdf, etc.

For the abstracts of invited talks, please name the file Surname_invited.pdf.

Abstracts will not be accepted unless at least one of the authors is a registered participant.

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